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Friends Partially?

My last journal was public, and lately it's been friends-only. So I'm switching it again, I guess - a select few entries will be public, but the vast majority will be friends-only.

So comment here to be added! In all likelihood, I probably will - just tell me how you know me or how you found me (i.e. common interests).

Note: Most of my very old entries are f-locked. I started sorting them, then got bored. Sorry about that.

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That Meme That's Been Circulating...

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A multi-cultural couple should get together for love of a vacuum cleaner, but they don't.

2. A boy finds a really cool book and learns from it. This turns out to be very bad. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, guessed by wottie 

3. A spoiled bitch and a lecherous scoundrel fight for slavery. They're our heroes. Gone With The Wind, guessed by anaroriel 

4. Years after an eccentric philanthropist goes missing, it is learned that his most prized possession must be destroyed
. The Fellowship of the Ring, guessed by farfallerossa 

5. Elderly brother and sister adopt an orphan who loses her temper, lets her imagination run away with her, holds a grudge, and generally gets into trouble. Everyone is charmed
. Anne of Green Gables, guessed by caitie 

6. People stuck in a place where weird things happen and no one has any idea what's happening. Not even the producers. Also features a soap opera set in East Asia. Lost, guessed by wottie 

7. Three Four Five LOADS OF women get magical powers and use them to kill on a regular basis, while still trying to lead normal lives. Each one dies repeatedly, but only one ever gets Killed Off For Real. Charmed, guessed by wottie 

8. A spaced-out but shy waitress plays matchmaker with her friends, whilst an old man who can never leave his apartment tries to set her up with a weird guy who works in a porn shop. Amelie, Guessed by wottie 

9. A drama about life in Italy, as seen through the eyes of two soldiers.

10. Mad-Eye Moody, Fleur Delacour and Lord Voldemort hang out in a small Belgian town with Colin Farrell and a midget. They all try to kill each other. In Bruges, guessed by anaroriel 

11. An obscenely rich embezzler tries to get into his neighbor's cousin's pants.

12. Four drug addicts lead miserable, self-destructive and ultimately unfulfilled lives. Oh, and it has epic music. Requiem for a Dream, guessed by farfallerossa 

13. A hospital show where everyone is part of a giant Love Dodecahedron, which patients are occasionally dragged into. No one ever seems happy, even when they specifically state that they are happy, because of the Masochism Tango of always wanting their relationship status to be the opposite of whatever it currently is. Grey's Anatomy, guessed by wottie 

14. Girl falls for bad boy, but marries someone else. Bad boy chucks an Emo-fit and seeks revenge. Wuthering Heights, guessed by anaroriel 

15. Guy lives in a cabin for a few months, not really doing much. Walden, guessed by caitie 

16. A man walks around aimlessly all day while his wife does not cheat on him. Incomprehensibility Ensues.

17. A guy tells the king a story. The king says he's lying. The guy admits it. In the meantime, swordfighters slay all laws of physics.

18. A blonde high-school age female solves a crime every episode with the help of her African-American male friend, trusty dog, and protective father while she struggles to fit into the high school social scene. (Hint: it's not Nancy Drew) Veronica Mars, guessed by wottie 

19. Girl talks to animals and fights giant metal birds with human heads and later falls in love with her teacher, who is twice her age. And her father actually has horns. The Immortals Quartet, guessed by wottie 

20. Jersey girl chases naked felons and blows up cars. Stephanie Plum books, guessed by caitie 
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(no subject)

9 The Golden Compass
19 Stock
10 Lord of the Rings
15 Twilight
6 The Other Boleyn Girl

6 Tamora Pierce - Keladry and Shinkokami
8 Harry Potter
7 A Great and Terrible Beauty - Gemma (minor TSFT spoilers, there's a couple quotes from the book)

2 Helena Bonham-Carter


(I cannot believe that I seriously made Twilight I had to make some 'Twilight fails' sort of icons as well.)

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